How to order and select photos?

1. Select the photo you want to upload.

A few tips to follow:
✔️ Send us a picture of excellent quality and especially not a blurry or pixelated photo.
✔️ Choose photos where people are close enough to the lens.
✔️ Choose the right size.

2.You can get a hint from the image below:

If it's a multi-person photo, we recommend trying to choose a larger size.
Mostly any image can be created, so don't worry about it. If you have questions about choosing an image, please contact us at

3.Click the Upload Image button to upload the picture you choose and wait for upload completion. (The picture name will be displayed on the button after the upload is completed)

4. Select the appropriate size to add to your cart.
Please repeat the above operation if the quantity you order is more then one piece (only one picture can be uploaded at one time)
If there is a problem with the upload, you can still complete the order and send us your desired theme at Please don't forget to tell us your order number.

Our team examines and optimizes each image before turning it into a Diamond Painting kit.

What improvements are we making to your photo?
Adjustment and framing: we will make sure that the main object of the photo is in the center of your canvas.
Dark and light area enhancements: we'll make sure that little detail is lost in very dark or very light areas of your image.
Brightness and contrast adjustments: our goal is to ensure that your diamond painting kit is optimized, detailed, and rich in color.
Optimized color correction: we will do our best to keep the color code of your canvas in order to preserve its authenticity.