Custom Diamond Painting Kit | Full Drill

Custom Diamond Painting Kit | Full Drill

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Diamond Shape
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Upgraded Diamond Painting Kit
Unleash your creativity with our diamond painting kits. Spend a relaxing night in and create your own masterpiece. Everything you need is included. It's the best way to discover your artistic talent and have a relaxing, rewarding, and enjoyable experience.
Diamond painting display
** The larger the canvas size, the better the image detail will be.

+20% Extra Diamonds!
We've added 20% extra diamonds, so it's enough for you to complete the painting even if you drop few accidentally.

Pasting Area: Full Canvas Custom
Diamond Shape: Square / Round Diamond
Diamond Material: 100% Safe & Eco-Friendly 100% Resin Diamonds

Create Your Own Diamond Paintings!
Turn your favorite photos into diamond painting kits! Perfect for all occasions - from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to new babies! You definitely don't want to miss out on:

Easy Drawing - Fun and enjoyable for craft lovers of all ages!
Relaxing and Joyful- Let the stress melt away as you paint with diamonds!
Creative and Educational- This activity assists in developing many good habits, such as patience, concentration, determination, etc.
Enhance Relationship- Share the fun of painting with your family or friends. It can help to enhance the relationship between parents and kids, husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend when painted together!
DIY Home Decor- Create your own wall art. What can be more satisfying than decorating your home with your own art?
Perfect Gift - Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, give them a gift they'll love!
Share - Post your own masterpiece to Facebook and watch LIKES pour in!
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What's In The Package:
Our kits include everything you need to get started!
✅Premium Adhesive Canvas (With design chart)
✅Color Coded Rhinestones (Different colors in labeled baggies)
✅Magic Diamond Applicator (Used to apply the diamonds)
✅Wax Pad (Used to pick up diamonds with the diamond pen)
✅Craft Tray (Shake lightly to sort your diamonds)
✅Tweezers (Used to apply the diamonds)
✅Plastic Bags (For diamond storage)

What's The Difference Between Square And Round Drill?
Most people prefer Square Diamonds, because they create a "fuller look" when you're finished painting. Others like Round because they're considered easier to pick up and apply to your canvas.

1. Select the photo you want to upload.

A few tips to follow:
✔️ Send us a picture of excellent quality and especially not a blurry or pixelated photo.
✔️ Choose photos where people are close enough to the lens.
✔️ Choose the right size.

2.You can get a hint from the image below:

If it's a multi-person photo, we recommend trying to choose a larger size.
Mostly any image can be created, so don't worry about it. If you have questions about choosing an image, please contact us at

3.Click the Upload Image button to upload the picture you choose and wait for upload completion. (The picture name will be displayed on the button after the upload is completed)

4. Select the appropriate size to add to your cart.
Please repeat the above operation if the quantity you order is more then one piece (only one picture can be uploaded at one time)
If there is a problem with the upload, you can still complete the order and send us your desired theme at Please don't forget to tell us your order number.

Our team examines and optimizes each image before turning it into a Diamond Painting kit.

What improvements are we making to your photo?
Adjustment and framing: we will make sure that the main object of the photo is in the center of your canvas.
Dark and light area enhancements: we'll make sure that little detail is lost in very dark or very light areas of your image.
Brightness and contrast adjustments: our goal is to ensure that your diamond painting kit is optimized, detailed, and rich in color.
Optimized color correction: we will do our best to keep the color code of your canvas in order to preserve its authenticity.

The larger the canvas size, the better the image detail will be.
In fact, this also depends on what is in the photo, the more there are small details the more we manage to keep them if we choose a large canvas size.

Here is what we generally recommend:
If it is a photo with 1 or 2 people, we advise you to choose at least the size 30x40cm.
If it is a photo with 3 to 5 people, we advise you to choose at least the size 40x50cm.
If it is a photo with more than 5 people, we advise you to choose at least the size 60x80cm.

Or if not you can refer to our customer reviews listed below to get a better idea of the right combinations of sizes and photos you can get.

The larger the size, the better the decorative effect. Please choose the appropriate size according to your scene.

When will I receive my order?
Free shipping 7-14 days (Tracking numbers and tracking links will be sent to you via email after shipping.)

Our Guarantee
We truly believe in having an exceptional customer experience. All our products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee! That means that if you are not 100% satisfied with your order we will issue a full refund.
Please email us at at anytime if you need assistance and one of our team members will respond within 24 hours.

Custom Diamond Painting Kit
Turn your favorite photo into a Diamond Painting!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Frank Schroeter

Ordered the diamond art for my mum it was taken from a photo that was 41 years old and when I finished it my dad was over the moon with it would recommend these to anyone

Sarah Sidebottom
Amazing Quality

I have had many from this site and will buy many more. Easy to do and the picture quality is excellent.

Rebecca Garland

Absolutely fantastic. Diamond art is exactly like the photo it's created from

Claire Lewis
Amazing Range of Diamond Art And accessories

Have ordered Twice Now (4 designs).Top Top Quality. Service is Great. Art takes just a Week to Arrive. Really Impressed. Will Defo Order Again. Highly Recommended

Mrs Sharon Bates
Personalised diamond art

Very well printed enough drills and excellent when finished

Karen allsopp

Vary vary pleased will be ordering again soon all finished ready to hang

teresa howgego

Have done many pieces and love them

Tracey A Taylor

Excellent quality, easy to order ive had quite a few from this company and always pleased with service and quality

Ranjana bedi
Amazing Quality

I liked the fact that the cat whiskers came out nice and it looks fantastic. What a great way to capture our cat. I love it.

rhona reid

Thank you so much. I love it and I'm sure my son and daughter in law will love it to.

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